The Warranty For Your Jewellery

We are proud of the jewellery that we supply and our warranty is a testament to the quality of the items that we stand by.

We offer a 12 month manufacturing warranty for our jewellery, with a limited lifetime warranty for stones covered by Charles & Covard USA.

If there is a defect in your ring, email us at to describe the defects and also please provide pictures. We will examine the jewellery and if the defect is due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the jewellery for you for free.

Some of the manufacturing defects covered under the warranty include:

  • Porosity, surface pores, blemishes in the metal
  • Uneven settings
  • Chips, scratches or nicks in the stones
  • Rhodium plating splashes of stains on the metal

In terms of shipping, if the jewellery has a manufacturing defect, then we will pay for the cost of shipping the jewellery to us and back to you. If the defect is not a manufacturing defect, for example, if the defect is caused by normal wear-and-tear, the customer will have to cover the cost of mailing the jewellery to us. For defects that are not manufacturing defects, the customer will also have to pay the cost of the repair and the return shipping cost. We recommend that you send the jewellery to us via registered mail and keep a record of the tracking details as we cannot be responsible if the item is lost in the post.

Please note that repair, modifications or service of the item by any other jeweller apart from Moiss Jewelry Singapore will void the warranty.